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Our IT experts are skilful in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and programming languages.Our highly qualified specialists can build a unique, tailor-made website from scratch. Our solution is innovative yet simple-to-use that helps you to manage small to medium hotels. It provides property management, on-line reservation and analytics. We develop both simple and complex software to adapt to any client at different level. We have helped clients in various industries.
We are a team of professionals with requisite business and technical skills, sound leadership, experience and knowledge to deliver best solutions and services for our clients; more importantly focused business model allows the necessary senior-level attention to clients.
Our workforce is our most important asset. Going by the philosophy of "Creativity at its Best", we strongly believe in making the work environment a delight for the team members. Inert IT has always comprised of highly motivated, trained professionals who are enthusiastically putting in their heart and souls, contributing in their own ways towards the organization's objectives. Inert IT team is a complete and young breed of professionals from Technology, Marketing and Business Management domains. Our people are some of the most talented, spirited people when it comes to innovating or giving you the right solution.

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Operations & Product Management

Considered the nerve centre of the company, the operations department is where all of your great product ideas come to life. Fixes and new features are our speciality, and we take great pride in delivering them to you without flaw and within a respectable time frame. Operations management is a vital support system for all of the departments at CSMD Software.


The CSMD Software sales team is your central point of contact to guarantee customer success. Our mandate is to ensure your full satisfaction with the CSMD Software experience. We maximize your value and return on investment. Our Account Managers introduce and demonstrate our full suite of products and services to improve your day to day work flow. Our Customer Success Managers will enable you to optimize the complete functionality of all of our products. Our approach is tailored to each client.

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Implementation Services

The technical team at CSMD Software has over 10 years of combined experience spanning a variety of diverse accomplishments. Many of the individuals involved in the most recent releases today, were involved in the first ever release of the application. This continuity has been instrumental in the development of our robust applications over the years. This team will continue to provide highly available, leading edge solutions for legal professionals.


The Marketing department is the voice of CSMD Software, keeping you up to date on important product and service enhancements, training, best practices, and support. We stay in touch with you and capture your valuable feedback year round through surveys, focus groups, and advisory panels, to ensure our products and services support the growing demands of your business. Collaboratively with internal teams and external industry partners, we work to continuously enhance your customer experience with us and make your lives easier.

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Afzal Ahmad

Senior Software Developer
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Bilal Jamal

Marketing Manager
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Mubashir Hussain

End To End Developer

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